Landmark Living on the Avenue

A heart of apartments in Austin this is situated in district of south side of lady bird and few minutes’ drive to Austin. They provide one two and three bedrooms all are well furnished and all types of machinery are here for the use. Each room has square footage. These apartments have full of amenities they also have 10 best celling. There floors are decorated with wood they use real wood in these rooms. Kitchen are of these apartments are best you have not seen it before.

They provide friendly environment for kids and adults. These apartments have beautiful buildings. The owner of these apartments is very caring he pays attention on greenery so that he can provide natural and healthy environment to their customers. In garden areas trees are covered with flowers and fruits and also have good taste. For kids there is also an area of birds in which every kind of bird is in the cage. Kids love to give food to these birds in this way parents satisfy about their children. These apartments have air condition so that in hot weather you and your family will not face any taupe of difficulties.

Other facility provided by these apartments are gym, spin rooms theaters. In cinemas children can enjoy cartoons movies especially they love to watch Disney cartoons. They provide cheap tickets to kids in this way kids can watch their best movies in very cheap rates. Private garages are also available for some residents. You can visit many near places to lady bird even you can go through bikes just in 5 minutes.

A beautiful island named as brown sea island is very adventures place for kids they provide facility of boats and ferry. Once you visit in this brown sea island you can see hundreds of birds like peacocks squirrels and deer also. In Austin this is the only place where invasion squirrels are funded. Cost to visit this place is $9 for adults and 6 for kids.

For adults a most lovable is Alton tower it is very entertainment theme park the adults can test their limits when they sit on huge roller-coaster this roller-coaster includes eight loops. For small kids rides for suitable price is available in this park. They charge ticket for families and costs are $127.

Liverpool library  the biggest library  Austin  usually bookworms love to visit in this library all types of books incudes oxford college books are also available in this library for all age group. They also provide best place for sitting for kids sitting area includes cozy and comfy with plenty of room’s facility.

Go ape are for youngsters who want to shoe their inner Tarzan in this place. Youngsters love to climb zip lines and zip zap ropes swings ropes are also suspended at very high place, they can also enjoy obstacles ropes this rope build self confidence in them. Tickets for 10- 17 age group are $24 and for juniors cost for tickets is   $17.